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Teguh Iman Santoso


Welcome to Blog Alumni RTD:) Lembaga Seni Pernafasan Radiasi Tenaga Dalam - Malang Lembaga Seni Pernafasan Radiasi Tenaga Dalam - Tanjung Uban

This Blog is dedicated to our RTD Trainer's/Teacher's : Mr. Joe, Mr. Mardi ,Mr. Halim, Mr. Sugiarto, Mr. Ita Warsita Brata,Mr. Jeffri ,Mrs. Riri, Mrs. Nia

And All RTD teacher's in Malang which can not be stated one by one and To Our Honourable RTD Grand Master Kang Aas Rukasah

During a period of seeking 12 year more (1996) till this blog borne, there is no any one information hits RTD in comprehensive come up on the Internet:) This constitute us make this blog.


Teguh Iman Santoso

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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Generasi Penerus RTD tahun 2005

Tahun 2005 yang lalu saya menyempatkan diri datang ke tempat Latihan RTD Malang di Gedung Pusat. Inilah diantara mereka Pendekar-pendekar RTD sehabis latihan :)

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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Inner Beauty - English Version

There are some someone indication transmits inner beauty:

1. Can indicate that he/she very balmy

2. Show enthusiasm in environment

3. Well-balanced

4. Harmony

5. Aesthetic

6. Which are positive Body language

7. Self confidence

There are 2 ways in developing inner beauty that is by:

1. Process energy [of] field a body of in until transmit energy with criterion at context inner beauty.

2. To school one's self by using environment as [the] development stimulus positive mental attitude and which are positive patterned thinking from ourselves.

Although eye most often trusted to conduct assessment to level of beauty an object, but in fact this indera very less acceptable. We will other mengeksplorasi beauty, that is beauty that ‘seen’ by all indera we, not beauty that “only skin deep“.

Beauty that we discuss this maybe less extrude in visual. But owner beauty that one this will always show get an impression and cool eye for the man who see it. The Beauty always shows self confidence, show balmy with it-self, even also generate freshment for others. He/she shows zest of life, have language body matching with discussion content, have high empathy, and always entangle emotion proporsionally in communicating. He/she also good hearer, can animate atmosphere, and have influence to people that exist in sekelilingnya.

Such Beauty stems from within, from mental attitude. Mental attitude matured, stabilize, test, and maintained this will transmit esthetics that in mistical shine in the face of the Beauty. And excitement its, radiation its beauty this can be felt by any person who reside in vinicity!

This energy process works can explain sbb:

Didalam approach Bioenergi recognize term with Chakra. Chakra lah that conduct processing to bioenergi that we take away from environment we. Processing Result is referred [as] shine have the shape of field bioenergi body that

usual called aura. Aura Quality that produced [by] express condition health, psychological condition, and our patterned thinking. Growing very bright aura referred [as], [in] one the better. Very bright Aura depicts soul and body that healthy, and this can ‘felt’ by others. Aura has the character of interactive, berbaur and ‘each other infiltrate’ with other aura. That is why people to be comfortable with the very bright aura owner, because its aura that maybe less very bright ‘follow enjoy’ freshment owned by the Aura Very bright.

As for factor and pattern that can transmit inner beauty terindikasikan in energy that is:

1. Aura that Terpusat

Aura that centered meaningful that its owner have awareness full [of] to the he/she, to the its attendance, and to the role that must the of. Quick He/she adapts and knows how place he/she. Body, mind, and its feeling stays in one motion, in union, and not perpecah-pecah.

In order to have aura that centered, conduct all activity Anda with with full-heart. Don't think something else when Anda eat, bath, clean etc. Present body, mind and feeling Anda at activity that , because body will get with it when feeling and mind Anda fully attends ‘accompanies’ the body is referred [as]. Activity that heavy and boring also on the turn become enjoyment if we present all it-selfes our fully.

This Practice will familiarize Anda for to be comfortable in a state of at all. Even when Anda is being ill, ‘existance [of] full [of]’ this will give sensation differs that very competent tried. Besides can improve concentration ability and selfcontrol, train focus like this also nice to inculcate auto positive autosuggestion when us require it.

2. Profile Aura that ‘Plane’ (flatten surface)

Aura is map holografis from mind, psychological condition and condition our health. Aura Profile that not ‘plane’ depict someone that very extrude strength-nya, but at the same time also have weakness point that it is at dot that very worry because overstep safe. This happened because the aura owner tends to give attention redundantly at one certain activity, in this case is related to activity logic exploration (chakra red lane). As a consequence ego side (diesel fuel plexusnya) less get attention, even become weak dot that very serious for him[s.

We often meet this sort of people. Although obstrusive they in area of idea exploration, but repeatedly they show respon that ‘dissonant’ in interacting with others. This Condition can be repaired with way feather nests with activity that can become penyeimbang for its logic strength (process think), that is with activity process physical, process feel, also or berbaur with one who more variated, and sebagainya.

Surface of the flattened aura depicts psychological condition the aura owner that peace (is not reactive), stabilize, and objective. Objective that means not abundant in giving reaction, is not emotional, unbiased, and proporsional in looking at everything. Owner of the flattened aura like this not express gladness;joy and also sorrow redundantly, because he/she believe thats emotional situation is referred [as] not have the character of permanent.

He/she also not duck outs unwelcome anything more than anything else the of, because frown upon that something in its view is a/an weakness point that must repaired.

3. Aura that Memiliki Ketahanan

In ‘visual’, aura is assumed have its resilience if pattern complete, have quite thick layer, strong but elastic. Thick Aura means its owner not merely healthy, but also show big burning energy. Never give up He/she (strong aura), and have respon to pressure that very positive, that means: quick in normalizing psychological condition its (elastic aura). Strength and pliability like this can be strived pass by physical practice that discipline. Equipment at its aura produce freedom in thinking and ability sees much alternatives. This enabled because activity the aura owner that very variated and life experience roll in riches. In other hand, have this sort of aura also will make we own acceptable sensitivity, until each time we are brought at situation that not proporsional or ‘overstep’, body will give ‘signal’ will be existence of disharmoni.

4. Ritme Aura

Aura haves ritme, because every chakra its supporter works with its rhythm each. In order to different rhythm in every chakra are referred [as] can in union in harmonious, then better we ‘give room’ at chakra-chakra are referred [as] (read: ownself) for ‘express it-self’. Music, sing, garden, maintain animal, all of these is some the example. This emergent its inconsequential Activity gives contribution that very mean for us in management stress. First, it-self enrichment with this small activity supposing of billows logs tide billow ashore. Logs is referred [as] will break wave becomes smaller, until [shall] no longger have the power of for menggerus coast that we protect. Coast is visible image of our it-self, waving is stress or life pressure, that logs of wave billows is activities small mentioned. Existence of this small activities as distribute burden big stress to many chakras, until there is no one chakra that will suffer from overload. Second, this burden distribution will make it-self we own flexibility in mengadaptasi condition that .

Finally, “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” (Rumi). All this quality can be developed by it self if we :

1) have understanding that enough about mechanism bioenergi and exercise in discipline, or

2) conduct activity variated that give attention in acceptable at all of chakra as the same manner as description above.

Source : REACHED FOR INNER BEAUTY PASS BY MANAGEMENT BIOENERGI Ir.Rd.Aas Rukasa, disarikan by Tuty 'mother' Yosenda

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